And here's one I made earlier

Title: More Complicated Than Cake
Author: mad_jaks
Prompt: wintercompanion's Summer Holiday Challenge: Cardinal, in a field, with a shoe, in a gondola
Rating: G
Pairing: Six/Jack
Spoilers/warnings: No spoilers. Established, mild dom/sub relationship, mostly off screen.
Notes: Title extrapolated from a quote from Dr Evelyn Smythe: "I find that cake is an excellent solution to so many of life's problems” - (The Marian Conspiracy: Big Finish Audio). Evelyn is lovely so I hope I've revealed enough about her for this fic to work for people
Beta credit: karaokegal, donutsweeper - they did their best to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, for which I'm extremely grateful.
Words: 800(ish)

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