Publish and be damned (itsarift_thing) wrote,
Publish and be damned

Title: Has Legs, Will Travel
Character: Two, Jamie
Prompt: dw100: #501: costume
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, not earning anything from it, no disrespect intended.
Notes: Pre-slash, if that's the way you like it. Linkity to a helpful definition

Has Legs, Will Travel

He'd caught Jamie staring. Again.

“I canna help it, Doctor. It's your legs.”

The Doctor glanced down. “What about them?”

Jamie gestured, an almost eloquent wave of his hand. “Must they always be so... costumed up?” He sounded exasperated.

“I'm sorry?”

“All that fabric! Everything all covered up! It can't be healthy.” He hesitated. “There's... nothing wrong with them?”

The Doctor grinned, “Rather the opposite in fact.”

Jamie grinned back. “You've no' got knobbly knees then?”


“And I just have to take your word for that, do I?”

“Oh... Possibly not, Jamie. Possibly not.”

Tags: dr who, drabble, two/jamie

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