Publish and be damned (itsarift_thing) wrote,
Publish and be damned

Title: Clash of the Titans
Characters: Jack, Nine, Rose, the TARDIS
Prompt: dw100: clash
Rating: G
Notes: Wow, the TARDIS can be stubborn
Disclaimer: Not mine - making no money

Clash of the Titans

Rose strolled across the console room, sunglasses clutched in her hand. “You know it gives me a headache when you two butt heads, yeah?”

Looking up through the grating Jack saw the Doctor go thin lipped as he very carefully avoided her gaze.

She paused by the door. “And I'm only mentioning that, as I leave for somewhere that is not here because if it's giving me a headache then I don't want to know what it's doing to the TARDIS. What I'm saying is, I think she'll go again if you two would just kiss and make up already.”

Tags: dr who, drabble, nine/jack/rose, the tardis

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