Publish and be damned (itsarift_thing) wrote,
Publish and be damned

Title: Rinse. Repeat
Characters: Five, Tegan
Prompt: dw100: cargo
Rating: G
Notes: Honestly, he's just lucky it *isn't* a time loop.
Disclaimer: Not mine - making no money

Rinse. Repeat

"It's a cargo hold, Doctor. Another cargo hold! On yet another spaceship, judging by the gravity field that hit us as soon as we left the TARDIS. You know, the one that currently has us pinned to the floor?"


"The really filthy floor--"


"It's getting hard to breathe."

"I'm well aware. But if you could just stop--"

"Pointing out the obvious?"


"So you can figure a way out?"




"No. Because as soon as you do you'll run off, telling me to stay put"

"Which you never do."

"It's a cargo hold, Doctor!"...

Tags: dr who, drabble, five/tegan, gen

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