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It's a Rift Thing

Writing through time and space

Publish and be damned
I'm a Whovian with Torchwood in the ascendant.

My personal journal, complete with ramblings about fandom and occasional prompting memes, is mad_jaks

This is the place you'll find my writing, icons and other artwork. If you friend me here for my writing, mad_jaks is where I'll be friending you back from.

The writing, icons and other graphics in here are tagged by fandom, character/pairing and genre or type. In addition the writing is flagged: 'explicit adult content' for NC17 and 'adult concepts' for anything R rated.

-- coming soon -- Resource Links -- coming soon --
My resource list is currently housed at mad_jaks which is probably not the best thing - especially now it is getting larger.

For now have a couple of links to icon generators:
The classic (everyone I know uses or has used this at some point in their LJ life) table generator by Bauble

and the new pup on the block kentucka's Photobucket RSS Feed Icon Table Generator